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  • Trekking in Wayanad

    “Ente Uru” – with Ramu

    Ramu, our neighbor belongs to the ‘Paniya’ tribe and is a part time forest guard. He has not been anywhere apart from the forests of Meppadi and Kalpetta. When he is available, Ramu escorts the guests for a visit to the nearby villages.

    “ENTE URU” is a trekking experience in After the Rains, Wayanad where you can choose between trekking a sprawling tea estate planted by the British or touring the Kadachikunnu- Valathoor villages to discover the life, landscape and rhythm of the areas. You can study the real life of tribal people making this a unique experience. know more…

  • Village Resort in Wayanad - A Day with Paul

    A Day with Paul

    Paul is a farmer by heart and profession. He is the life and soul of the agricultural activities at After The Rains, the leading plantation resort in Wayanad. A DAY WITH PAUL is an exclusive farming activity where you are encouraged to step into the footsteps of a farmer and work in our plantation for a short period of time. At our plantation resort, we have Coffee, Pepper, Nutmeg, Cocoa, Fruit trees cultivation along with Diary farm. Experience a day with Paul and learn the difference between an Arabica and robusta. Observe how honey is taken from the comb, pluck pepper corns and discover the transformation of coffee from bean to cup. know more…

  • Nature Resorts in Wayanad - Plantation Walk

    Plantation walk

    After The Rains is one of the best nature resorts in Wayanad which offers a guest choice of 16 acre natural walk in Wayanad in which the resort is located. Walk the different terrains of the property to get stunning views of the surrounding environment. Discover our borders with the forest and view the origin of the famous chaliyar river. know more…

  • Village Resort in Wayanad - Fishing


    The plantation has a fresh water reserve where you can spot varieties of fish including Indian carp varieties like Cutla, Rohu, Seabass and Tilapia. Hook a bait to catch some game. know more…

  • Village resort in Wayanad - Bicycling Trials

    Bicycling Trials

    Be an adventurist, explore the rural environs of Puthukkad, Valathoor and Kaanthampara in a mountain bike. We have developed bicycling trials in which guests are provided with routes ranging from the scenic Kaanthampara waterfalls to the village environs in which the resort is located.
    know more….

  • Trekking in Wayanad

    Earth Art

    Pottery is one of the most ancient livelihood of the kumbaran tribes of the nearby forests. Practised for generations, the art of fine moulding of mud into shapes and figures is a blessing and a responsibility one has to be accountable for. know more…

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"Kattunaykar" the hunter clan of Wayanad speaks "paniyah", one of the oldest languages of
the Dravidian family which is inspired from Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Sanskrit.

The Asian palm civet which is found in the area, eat and poop coffee berries
which are globally used for making "Kopi Luwak" the most expensive coffee.

Countless evidences about New Stone Age civilization
can be seen on the hills of Wayanad.

The prices of pepper from Wayanad were extremely high in the Middle Ages and
the trade was completely dominated by the Romans. Black pepper, termed black gold, was used as currency.

"During monsoon, it is the practice of tribal communities of Wayanad to collect wild edible leaves, wild mushrooms, bamboo shoots
and wild crabs and prepare nutritious food."

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