after the rain resort wayanad

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    "Kattunaykar" the hunter clan of Wayanad speaks "paniyah", one of the oldest languages of
    the Dravidian family which is inspired from Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Sanskrit.

    The Asian palm civet which is found in the area, eat and poop coffee berries
    which are globally used for making "Kopi Luwak" the most expensive coffee.

    Countless evidences about New Stone Age civilization
    can be seen on the hills of Wayanad.

    The prices of pepper from Wayanad were extremely high in the Middle Ages and
    the trade was completely dominated by the Romans. Black pepper, termed black gold, was used as currency.

    "During monsoon, it is the practice of tribal communities of Wayanad to collect wild edible leaves, wild mushrooms, bamboo shoots
    and wild crabs and prepare nutritious food."

    After the rains resort